International Aviation Technical College at Riyadh

International Aviation Technical College at Riyadh (IATC) is one of the Saudi Arabian Government’s Colleges of Excellence. IATC is governed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).

Founded in 2014, IATC is operated by Aviation Australia Riyadh College (AARC). This is a joint venture between Aviation Australia and Shamal Investments Saudi Arabia. Aviation Australia in Brisbane (AA) is a world-class registered training organization which was established by the Queensland State Government in 2001 to support the development and growth of aviation and aerospace industries in both the Australian and international markets by providing applied practical training in aviation maintenance and engineering.

AARC takes pride in training excellence, offering education and training to young Saudi Arabians seeking a career in the aviation industry.

IATC provides state of the art education in various aviation maintenance specialties. These are three-year training programs which begin with one year of intensive English language study followed by two subsequent years of technical and on the job training. Each specialization leads to a Diploma endorsed by TVTC.

IATC aims to provide the aviation market with skilled, motivated, and dependable technicians in line with KSA vision 2030. IATC’s dedicated employment services office facilitates career opportunities for current civilian students and graduates through seminars with interested employers within the aviation sector.

IATC offers two main tracks of specialization:

The International Technical College for Aviation Sciences in Riyadh is a government college affiliated to the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training established to provide a qualitative qualification with the highest quality standards for technical and vocational training for Saudi national cadres. The International College of Aeronautics offers the three-year training program for the intermediate university degree (Diploma) through pathways and specializations that the college seeks to serve the requirements of the labor market in the civil and military aircraft manufacturing and maintenance sector.

It also has two major programs:

Civilian Track

This program is a General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) endorsed training (Part 147) for graduates aiming to work as aviation maintenance engineers in the civil aviation sector. In addition to the diploma that students earn upon graduation from this program, graduates will be fully qualified to take the GACA Part 147 exams to obtain their aircraft maintenance GACA license.

General conditions to be accepted at the college (Males Only): 

  • Saudi Nationals or son of Saudi mother
  • Age between 18 to 23 years old
  • High school graduate with a maximum of 5 years since high school graduation at the time of application
  • Minimum high school GPA: 85%
  • Minimum Qiyas score: 65
  • Basic level of English – minimum A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Military Track

The programs for graduates aiming to work in the military are based on the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 curriculum in Mechanical (B1), Avionics (B2) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The major Military organizations who sponsor students in this track are:


Our Vision

IATC will be the leading civil and defense aviation training provider in the gulf

Our Mission

To Supply The Gulf Aviation Sector With Highly Skilled, Motivated And Dependable Graduates.

Our Values