The Foundation Year

The mission of the Foundation faculty is student success… in academics and beyond. Foundation offers premier English language instruction through standards of excellence in curriculum planning, teaching and assessment. Our unwavering commitment is to support the individual learning of each student through a diverse range of leading-edge teaching techniques and methodologies.

English is the language of the aviation industry. IATC’s Foundation faculty offers a full-immersion English language learning experience piloted by our prestigious team of world class international instructors. Students are empowered through dynamic face-to-face lessons in state-of-the-art classrooms and high-tech computer laboratories as well as partaking in off-campus educational ventures to aviation related locations. Our diversified and comprehensive curriculum includes over one thousand hours of intensive language training, IT, English lab, exam and study skills, numeracy and employability, and Islamic ethics.

After completing the Foundation year, students will have earned internationally recognized Cambridge English qualifications. Moreover, they will have developed the self-confidence, professional skills, and thorough command of both general and aviation-related English required not only for success in their Technical studies but to take off as bilingual leaders in our world. Beyond academics, all Foundation students will build friendships and fly high in competitions such as video production, engineering and model aircraft construction. There are academic contests for writing, speaking and spelling. We have a football club and a conversation club. Foundation is a preeminent English language faculty… and a community.

IATC graduates are an elite of group of young men who are fully prepared to launch into rewarding careers in the field of aviation maintenance.

King Khalid International Airport

Riyadh 14212, P. O. Box 47139

Saudi Arabia