Associate Diploma in Civilian Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (GACA)

Brief description

The Associate Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is suitable for those learners who are planning to work in the aircraft maintenance sector, and who want to develop their skills and knowledge in aspects of aircraft operations and maintenance.

Program period

One academic year.

Core Curriculum/Syllabus (list)

General modules:

  • Understand basic electricity
  • Use aircraft drawing
  • Perform weight and balance operations
  • Maintain fluid lines and fittings
  • Understand materials and processes
  • Perform ground operations and servicing
  • Perform cleaning and corrosion control
  • Apply mathematics
  • Understand basic physics
  • Use maintenance publications, forms and records
  • Understand privileges and limitations
  • Understand human factors
  • Aircraft electrical introduction
  • Fire protection systems

Airframe modules:

  • Maintain wood structures
  • Maintain aircraft covering
  • Maintain aircraft finishes
  • Maintain sheet metal and non-metallic structures
  • Perform welding
  • Maintain assembly and rigging

Powerplant modules:

  • Maintain reciprocating engines
  • Maintain turbine engines
  • The auxiliary power unit

More information / Learning goals (optional)

  • Basic aviation technical skills and knowledge
  • General aircraft systems knowledge

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